I created Adamant for two reasons:

  1. Build an accountability system to learn and summarise information that I find worth remembering

  2. Create an extension of my second brain that can act as an initial filter for my thoughts and allow me to think more freely

I intend to create a rich repository of mindfully curated and assimilated work on marketing and advertising that can later act as my north star (and maybe yours) when I want to create something extraordinary.

I can give you many reasons why subscribing will be valuable to you, but I’m sure you can decide when you read what I have already written.

I’d strongly suggest you don’t subscribe and clutter your knowledge sphere if marketing doesn’t excite you. Even though there will be a lot of work on consumer behaviour that I am sure you’ll find amusing and eye-opening.

I am not following any particular schedule and will only post when I find something worth sharing.

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